Impossible list

After coming across the “Impossible List” on Lee Fallin‘s (@LeeFallin) blog, I have decided to give it a go and create my own Impossible List. An Impossible List is a  list of goals which, unlike a bucket list, which is based on things to do before you die, is there to focus on how you go through life. More info on Impossible Lists here.

I will probably not be able to get all of these done, and the list will invariably get longer, but it’s a start:

Academic Goals

  • Get a degree 
  • Get a Masters degree
  • Complete a doctorate
  • Complete a PG Cert in HE teaching

Professional Goals

  • Become a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Become a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Become a Chartered Biologist
  • Become a Chartered Science Teacher
  • Publish a paper in a journal
  • Publish a systematic review paper (partially done with a RCVS Knowledge Summary here)
  • Publish a commentary on a paper (published here)
  • Become a Senior Lecturer

Skill Goals

  • Become proficient with NVivo
  • Learn how to do basic qualitative research
  • Become an amazing allotment gardener

Events to attend

  • Attend a TED event
  • Attend an EBVM event
  • Survive my doctoral viva

Life Goals

  • Teach my son Dutch
  • Buy a house Yay! Moving end of June 2017 🙂
  • Start an allotment

Habit Goals

  • Have a healthy breakfast daily
  • Read a journal paper every day
  • Cycle to work at least once a week
  • Read one book a month for 6 months

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