Book review

Doing a Systematic Review

Yesterday I had my first ever academic book review published (find it in Veterinary Evidence here). I reviewed one of my favourite evidence-based practice books*, which I use a lot for my teaching practice, but also my research practice.

It made me think about the value of a book review. Writing it forced me to think about who I wrote it for, and how I would get my message (this book is awesome!) across in a fair and balanced manner. Ideally, this book review will be a helpful guide for those looking for help in writing systematic reviews, which can be both postgraduate students (MSc and doctoral level) and early career researchers. It was not easy to find a writing style which would be accessible to both.

However, I think I did a fair job, and although it is no a peer-reviewed output, I see the fact it has made it past editorial staff and editor review as an indicator of it’s quality. I hope it is of use to researchers. Feedback always welcome, and if you like the book, do let me know!

*To avoid any doubt, I have no financial or other gain from writing this review, nor am I in any way linked to it’s authors. I just really like the book.

Excellent post on writing research proposals

The 4-sentence research proposal

By Amanda Wolf Amanda Wolf is Deputy Head of the School of Government at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand Like many of us, I was taught that research starts with a research question. The more generous texts and supervisors may quietly soften that imperative with a whispered confidence that it is permissible to amend […]

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Writing inspiration

Yesterday I spent most of the day preparing the first draft of a manuscript. This invariably meant that my wife and son had to entertain themselves. They went on a hike with a friend and afterwards the four of us went for lunch at a local pub.

I was struggling quite a bit before I went for lunch, but a good craft ale, some soul food in the form of a great burger, and ofcourse the lovely sunny day, gave me lots of inspiration and motivation to finish the paper. I left my wife, son and friend at the pub and by the end of the afternoon the first draft was ready.

I’m going to leave it for a few days and then have another look at it, but I am pretty happy as is. I might need to go to the pub more often, perhaps Rachael Cayley () over at Explorations of Style needs to do an article on it…